Assessing your buildings' sustainability using the EU 'Level(s)' Framework

After a period of development, pilot testing and improvements, the EU Commission has now officially launched Level(s) - a common framework for assessing and reporting on the sustainability of buildings across Europe. Using existing standards, Level(s) provides a common language which applies to both new-build and major-renovation projects (offices and residential). Deerns is proud to have been one of the industry stakeholders involved in the development stage of this framework.

As the world responds to the Paris Agreement’s demand for the building sector to decarbonise by 2050, Level(s) can support with an essential assessment of a building over the full lifecycle - through design, construction, use, and end of life. Level(s) is open source and freely available. It is not a new building certification but instead aims to provide a harmonised approach for sustainability adaptation and reporting. Within the framework, each indicator is designed to link the individual buildings' impact with the priorities for sustainability at a European level. It will measure:

1. Environmental Performance (carbon, materials, water);

2. Health and comfort;

3. Lifecycle costs and value assessments;

4. Potential risks to future performance (climate change impacts).

Building upon the objectives of both the EU Green Deal and the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, Level(s) supports the efforts of the building sector in improving energy and material efficiency, thereby reducing overall carbon emissions.  

At Deerns, we are here to support you in adopting this EU common assessment framework into your projects; making your building(s) more sustainable, future-proof and designed with a reduced carbon footprint. 

Interested in learning more about this and whether your project is registered for compliance with an international rating scheme? Please reach out to our CSR/Real Estate Sector Director Ana Cunha-Cribelier, or contact us through our normal channels.

Source: European Commission 28 octobre 2020

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