At BaseClear, sustainability is part of their DNA

BaseClear is the largest independent commercial DNA research laboratory in the Netherlands. The company is currently building a new business premises, aiming to have a BREEAM Excellent label. A logical choice for a company, where mainly biologists work, that wants to be involved in society.

BaseClear has pursued the maximum end result in sustainability from the very beginning of the project. By putting sustainability at the centre, this has become a shared, cross-discipline challenge for the construction team. “We selected a team with the same view on sustainability and who understand what it is to be an entrepreneur”, says Bas Reichert, CEO at BaseClear. Decisions have to be made in many areas that influence each other and which therefore need to be coordinated and are bounded by a budget. This requires in-depth understanding and insight, a broad view and, above all, the will to collaborate between the parties involved, including Deerns as a system consultant.

A BREEAM score consists of nine parts, each with their own credits. Management, Health, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land Usage & Ecology and Pollution. A laboratory uses significant amounts of energy. There were a lot of measures to choose from to achieve BREEAM Excellent. The shape of the building had to be as compact as possible, creating a good relationship between the building envelope and the contents. Compact building also ensures a well-functioning building with short walking distances and limited use of materials. The most striking additional measures that have been taken are a water channel for rainwater drainage, nearly 300 m2 of PV panels on the roof, LED lighting, energy efficient systems and connection to the oversized ATES system of the Biopartner Foundation. Although the new build houses a lot of technology and complex logistics, the ambition was always to create a friendly, open and welcoming building.

5 janvier 2018

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