Borghese Real Estate and Pleijsier Bouw open new WELL Gold certified office

On Thursday 11 April 2019, Borghese Real Estate and Pleijsier Bouw opened their new office in Nijkerk. Besides being awarded the BREEAM Outstanding Certificate, the new head office is the first in the Netherlands to receive a WELL Gold certificate in the New & Existing Buildings category, making it one of the healthiest offices in the Netherlands. As a consultant, Deerns was closely involved in the realisation of this new, healthy building.

Over the past 20 years, Pleijsier Bouw has grown from a traditional operational contractor into a versatile constructor providing total support for its customers. In 1998, the Pleijsier family set up its own development company under the name of Borghese Real Estate. This marked the start of its transformation into an innovative service provider focusing on organisation, innovation and customer support. Borghese Real Estate is now one of the leading project developers in the Netherlands. The new office, which accommodates both companies, is the crown on the transformation process.

Green and gas-free

The new office is green and gas-free. This is achieved through various smart solutions such as energy being generated by an electric heat pump, PV panels and built-in wind turbines. The lights work on motion detection and daylight switching. The high thermal insulation values of the green roof and façades are another important feature. Rainwater is collected for flushing toilets, while limit switches reduce water consumption. These and other measures resulted in the award of a BREEAM Outstanding Certificate. The office building is also close to meeting the European target for zero-energy buildings by 2050.

Extra steps for WELL

Additional measures were taken to improve the health of the building as well. Electrostatic air filters are used to filter particulates emitted by motorised traffic. Special thermochromic glass changes colour in line with the amount of sunlight, saving energy and increasing the comfort level. Deerns was the consultant throughout the process. The first comfort survey, a compulsory element of WELL certification, has now been held among the employees.  

The first and only standard specifically aimed at the health and well-being of your employees
Traditional certification standards concerning sustainability focus on energy, water and waste. The WELL Building Standard® specifically concentrates on employee health and well-being and is aimed at creating buildings that help improve and protect the health and well-being of their users.


1 mai 2019

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