Clean Technology mini symposium at imec in Belgium

Yesterday, Deerns Belgium was host to the Clean Technology mini symposium in Flanders. Over 40 participants from the Belgian clean technology sector met at the research institute imec in Leuven. The central theme of the afternoon: ‘are cleanrooms in Belgium the future?

Key issues discussed in the symposium plenary sessions included ‘what developments and changes are we seeing in the field of contamination control in Flanders, and how can we give them shape and direction?’. There was also a tour of imec’s ultra-modern cleanrooms. Deerns is involved in various imec projects in Belgium. The most recent project is the new build of a PV Solar laboratory in Genk.  

Imec conducts world-leading research in the field of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology. In order to maintain its top position imec has ultra-modern research laboratories and cleanrooms at its disposal.

28 octobre 2016

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