Deerns and the Coronavirus

Now that the Corona crisis has been underway for a number of weeks, in our firm we have become well accustomed to a new rhythm and new methods. We have proven we can keep serving our clients while keeping staff members safe and taking our social responsibility. Our IT infrastructure, internal communications networks and staff morale have proven to be fully capable of meeting this challenge. With all the required digital tools at our disposal, we are ready and available to keep offering you the professional and dedicated service you have come to expect from us.

All over the globe, companies and medical professionals are working hard to combat the Coronavirus. At Deerns, we’re committed to doing our part where possible - in Italy and the Netherlands volunteer teams are at work to help local hospitals (the Netherlands) and a conference centre (Milan) expanding or creating extra capacity for emergency beds.

Our offices in Brazil, France, Italy, Kuwait and Spain are closed and everyone works from home. In our offices in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom only small numbers of staff at a time come to an office, and only when this offers major advantages to our client work. We have put preventive measures and procedures in place to make sure our staff stays healthy and safe. When they need to go out, our staff avoid using public transportation, and everywhere we strictly abide by or go beyond governmental regulations.

Deerns is ready to assist our clients in meeting their Coronavirus-driven challenges. Our technical and IT consultants - with expertise ranging from cleanrooms to hospital theatres, from safety & security to Smart buildings - bring their experience and creativity to the table to help develop new solutions to these new challenges. They can all be reached via the normal channels - except at the office.

Jan Karel Mak
CEO Deerns Group

9 avril 2020

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