Deerns assists with hospitality concept for refugees in the Netherlands

Students of Hotelschool The Hague Campus Amsterdam have developed a 'hospitality concept' for refugees in the Netherlands. The concept involves the construction of a hospitality community centre around a hotel with public facilities. This centre will enable refugees to work on their housing needs, find work and integrate into society. Engineers from Deerns have assisted the students with advice.

The idea for the hospitality community centre was the winning oncept from a total of twelve entries from students following the Business Model Innovation course.  With this competition the hotel school aimed to create value for both the refugees and our society based on the talents and skills of the refugees themselves.

During the creation and implementation of the ideas, the students and their teachers were not only assisted by engineers from Deerns, but also by advisers from Rabobank and the Foundation for Social ssues and Innovative Concepts (SOVIC).

9 décembre 2016

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