Deerns Datacentres achieves CEEDA Approved Partner status

Deerns strives to design and implement energy efficient components, systems and processes in every design. Moreover we aim to improve the operational costs (OPEX) by critically analysing efficiency throughout. To further strengthen this objective, Deerns has become an approved partner of the CEEDA (Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre Award) global assessment and certification program. In a two part training program, Deerns has learned about the values and principles CEEDA considers and stands for. Deerns can now ensure that a client receives an official CEEDA certified design showing dedication to a better environment and a lowered OPEX.

CEEDA is an energy efficiency assessment framework addressing best practices which directly impact OPEX, providing a globally applicable certification and guidance on optimizing deployment of labour and CAPEX to maximize performance. The CEEDA program is run by DatacenterDynamics and ratified by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. The framework reflects the holistic and complex nature of datacentre operations and is based on specification from ASHREA, Energy Star, ETSI, European Code of Conduct and The Green Grid. CEEDA identifies four separate assessment tools for Existing Enterprise, COLO and TELCO datacentres, and Design and Operate for New Build data centres. For each of these types, a set of criteria have been developed to critically analyse the energy efficiency of components and systems and operational strategy.

As a CEEDA approved partner, Deerns can provide clients with a design which follows the CEEDA guidelines, and ensure that the client receives a CEEDA bronze, silver or gold certification for a certification cycle of two years. The CEEDA certification will not only provide a framework through which a client may achieve savings of 5 to 15% in operational expenses, but can also offer a recommendation towards further technological improvements and process streamlining. CEEDA certification also provides Marketing leverage in the form of publicity through DatacenterDynamics and the CEEDA organisation. A client receives a unique CEEDA plaque and a digital certificate for its own marketing purposes.

In order to fulfil our shared responsibility to reduce our world carbon footprint and to improve the energy usage in data centres, Deerns strives to design and implement energy efficient components, systems and processes in each of their designs, taking into consideration enhancements to the DC operational costs.

13 octobre 2016

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