Expansion of the WTC: Quality boost for the Amsterdam Zuidas

CBRE Dutch Office Fund will expand the WTC located at the Zuidas with a tenth tower of 80 meters high built. The Amsterdam Business area Zuidas is a rapidly developing business district and very important for Amsterdam.

The expansion yields 32,000 m2 of office floor. This office space is used to comply with the demand in the market for large, open spaces with which companies can respond to trends such as open-plan offices, stimulate more interaction between colleagues and collaborate more directly. Yet the WTC is not a complex for only large tenants. The building has a remarkably large number of small tenants for the available amount of square meters. Top quality in terms of comfort for the user and sustainability of the building is essential. Architect Ron Bakker: ‘The WTC offers an office environment at the highest level - a reason to set up climate technology and other systems with a large party like Deerns.’

An integrated approach for the total concept

‘Sustainability, health and flexibility are the approaches for our total concept, says Project Director Xavier Crolla of Deerns.’ ‘The WTC is one of the most prestigious office buildings on the Zuidas, which means that the combination of these aspects is at the highest level. There is no optimisation with regard to an individual aspect, but we have looked for solutions that have an integrated contribution. The facade is a good example. This has a high percentage of triple glazing with striking exterior solar protection elements. This not only reinforces the architecture, but also the comfort and energy efficiency of the building.’

Smart technology

‘We also look into the possibilities to apply smart technology.’ Crolla: ‘Together with our partner Evalan, we have designed bGrid®. For the WTC, the possibilities of this system are now being investigated for, for example, the control and monitoring of climate and light systems, but also for finding workplaces and colleagues. The great thing is that the costs of this smart technology in the WTC are not higher than those of a traditional system - an extra reason for the Dutch Office Fund to view this favourably.’

29 janvier 2018

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