It’s time for the Adaptive Hospital

One thing is clear—Covid-19 has had a major impact on our lives, society and health care. While we don’t believe that the pandemic will continue to dominate our lives forever, we can’t deny that Covid-19 has been a rough wake-up call: hospitals need to be more flexible and stress-resistant. The leading Dutch health care architecture firm Wiegerinck and Deerns have joined forces to sketch out a vision for the adaptive hospital - a way to make your hospital “pandemic proof”.

Viruses pose a major threat to vulnerable patients and staff, therefore we need to focus more intensively on physical and structural adaptations. An adaptive hospital is one that is set up in such a way that it can accommodate infected patients without disrupting regular care. The goal is to have a designated zone within the hospital that can be quickly and easily converted for crisis care in an urgent situation (e.g. a virus outbreak or a chemical contamination emergency).

So, what does an adaptive, pandemic-proof hospital look like? Read our full article: “Pandemic-proofing with modular adaptations and smart technology”.

Interested in using these insights to create an integrated design for your hospital? Please reach out to Eduard Boonstra (Deerns Health Care Sector Director).

4 février 2021

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