LEED Gold for largest data centre of Turkcell

The largest data centre of Turkcell in Gebze (Turkey) has recently been officially awarded LEED Gold certification. Turkcell now has a highly efficient data centre. The 33,000 m2 building, which is able to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9 on the Richter scale, has previously received a TIER III – certification.

Substantial savings on water and energy

Many savings have been achieved in the data centre, such as the installation of water-saving plumbing and the collection of rainwater to flush the toilets. This results in a savings of 40% compared to the LEED standard.

Substantial energy savings, again almost 40% compared to the LEED standard, is achieved through energy-efficient lighting and cooling and the use of waste heat from the data centre to heat the offices.

In addition to these measures, only local, recycled materials were used during the construction of the data centre and all the wood is FSC-certified. Furthermore, tenants may only install servers that meet a minimum energy performance standard.

The new data centre has over 10,000m2 of white space. The assignment was very complex due to the location of the building, directly on the North Anatolian Fault, a fault line running for more than 1,100 kilometres from east to west under North Turkey. Deerns had overall design responsibility for the construction of the data centre and finalised the design to the full satisfaction of the client within 3.5 months. Deerns also supervised the entire LEED process, from defining the ambition up to and including delivery.

This new state-of-the art facility will enable Turkcell to facilitate global IT companies such as Google and Facebook, and the Turkish public and private sectors, in terms of data storage and transport.

13 mars 2017

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