Lighting design essential for experience in new KLM Crown Lounge

Over the next two years the KLM Crown Lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will undergo refurbishment. The new lounge will be ready by spring 2019. It is the ambition of KLM to have the best airport lounge in the world for international business travellers. Deerns is responsible for the lighting design of the lounge.

Lounge of the future

The new lounge will have a floor area of 5,700m2: an increase from 840 to 1,500 seats. The lounge will comprise two floors. The top floor will have a roof terrace with a view of the E and F piers.

Schiphol and KLM are portraying the new Crown Lounge as ‘lounge of the future’. The ultimate customer experience is the guiding principle for the lounge. The lounge will be given an entirely new decor, appearance and experience. The lighting design created by Deerns for the new lounge will make an important contribution in this respect. The lounge will also be equipped with the latest technologies and will have a high level of service. New concepts for such matters as eating and drinking, the service of the lounge staff, the logistics, the kitchen decor and digital innovations such as self-service access, will contribute to the personal experience. KLM will thus build the lounge of the future.

In use during refurbishment

The lounge will remain partly in use during refurbishment and care will be taken to minimise inconvenience for the passengers and operational activities as much as possible.

It is the intention to make the lounge one of the best airport lounges in the world for the international business traveller, thus strengthening the international position of Schiphol and KLM.

27 janvier 2017

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