Maison l'Île de France wins International Green Solution Award

At COP24 in Poland (Katowice), Deerns won an International Green Solution Award with the 'Zero Energy-Zero Carbon-Zero Nuclear Waste' project Maîson Île de France. The project ended up winning the international final in the Energy category. Click here to watch the video that describes the project.

Organised by the Construction21 network, this International Award event was hold as a follow-up to the Building Action Symposium co-organised with the Global Alliance for Buildings & Construction. The event gathered nearly 200 industry professionals from all around the world. The Awards showcases relevant solutions, already used in real buildings, districts and infrastructures, and that should be adopted by the largest number to achieve the goal of limiting global warming. The grand final of the 2018 edition took place in Katowice, Poland, where the COP24 takes place. 'Maison Île de France' won the 1st Prize of the international category 'Energy - Moderate Climate'. Located in the International University Campus of Paris, this 5.000m2 Students Residence is unprecedented in France, with its 100% solar energy strategy.

The project 'Maison Île de France' is seen as an inspiring, ambitious example of how to apply innovative technologies to meet the strict 'ZEN efficiency target’' (Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, Zero nuclear Waste) requested by the client: the metropolitan region of Paris (Région Île de France). Working in collaboration with architect ANMA (Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés), Deerns designed numerous advanced solutions, including two huge tanks (filled with 150m3 of water), located at the core of the building and heated with solar thermal panels. With this inter-seasonal thermal storage, heated via a façade-integrated solar collector, and with photovoltaic panels amongst other solutions, we created a Positive Energy Building, producing locally all the energy needed for heating, domestic hot water, ventilation, lighting, equipment and household appliances use. The building was designed without cooling system, using therefore only natural ventilation.

An international competition with 143 candidates from 16 countries

Following the preliminary stage of qualifications at national level, 52 finalists, successful among 143 candidates from 16 different countries, were analysed by an international selected jury. Divided into 5 juries, 31 experts individually reviewed these buildings, districts and infrastructures before debating and deciding. The challenges that must be met at the COP24 Summit in Katowice are enormous. Bringing the political will of all countries in line with the urgent need to halt to global warming is proving very difficult. With this prize-winning project Deerns shows what is technically possible to reduce CO2 emissions in order to shape the Low-Carbon cities that we and our future generations need.

17 décembre 2018

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