Reducing CO2 emissions of data centres by sharing knowledge

The total CO2 emission caused by the data centre industry has reached 2,5% of the annual global emission and equals the emission caused by the total aviation industry. With the extreme growth of data worldwide the total energy demand to operate data centers will increase as well. At Deerns we constantly share our knowledge to develop energy efficient solutions based on renewable sources. We do this for clients, but also without assignments we develop highly reliable and sustainable concepts.  

Last June, for example, our Turkish telecom client Turkcell opened a new data centre in Istanbul. A highly modular and flexible data centre which is earthquake proof up to a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale. The sustainable ambition of this The TIER III data centre complex was awarded with a LEED Gold certification.

We also develop sustainable data centre concepts without a specific client request. Many of these concepts were developed in cooperation with partners and are proven technology today, e.g. the use of seawater or rivers for cooling, or cold and heat storage in aquifers.     

Scientific research project: RenewIT

Since 2013 Deerns is involved in the European Commission’s scientific research project RenewIT. The goal is to develop research and tools to help increase the proportion of renewable energy generated and used by data centres. In September RenewIT launched the first free tool to model costs and benefits (indication) of renewable choices and efficiency measures.   

The RenewIT Tool is designed to help data centre operators, designers and other stakeholders, select the optimum combination of efficiency measures and renewables for energy and carbon sustainable facilities. It also makes it easy to compare more than 60 locations across Europe in terms of electricity costs, access to renewables and other factors that influence decisions when planning the site of a new facility. Future development of the tool may extend this to North America and Asia. 

The project has also released a number of other software tools and research reports. All tools and reports which help to increase the renewable energy part for data centres can be found on

Watch the movie about the new tool:


19 octobre 2016

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