Sharing knowledge and experience on sustainable housing in zoos

In October Deerns became an official EAZA Corporate Member. The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) is the umbrella organisation of European zoos and aquaria. Its membership offers Deerns more possibilities to apply its knowledge and expertise in the world of zoos. Deerns has extensive experience in the Netherlands in the design of sustainable housing for various animal species. The starting point for the designs is flexibility and sustainability and to optimise comfort for man and beast. In addition, the natural energy flows of a zoo are used to the full to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

In 2015, the Gate to Asia and the new lion enclosure were opened at the Dutch Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam where Deerns was responsible for the design of the MEP systems in both buildings. The project involved the careful renovation of the original buildings (former tearoom and giraffe house), retaining the existing architecture. The buildings also had to be modernised to adapt them to their new functions. In 2013, the renovated ‘Dikhuiden Wing’ for thick-skinned animals was put into use. The purpose of the renovation was to realise a new enclosure for black rhinoceros and pygmy hippopotamus. It was important to restore the existing architecture to its former glory. Many sustainable techniques were applied to reduce the building’s energy and water consumption in the future.

EAZA facilitates international cooperation between well over 300 zoos and aquaria, mainly from Europe but also from other parts of the world (e.g. the Middle East). All affiliated zoos and aquaria must meet the strict quality requirements of EAZA. These quality requirements are applicable to many various aspects, such as animal welfare, safety, education, the preservation of animal populations in the wild, sustainability, etc. For more information about EAZA membership and (international) projects in zoos and aquaria, please contact Nedim Mehmedbegovic.

11 octobre 2016

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