State-of-the-art lab at DSM Delft now in operation

At the end of September 2016, DSM’s new, state-of-the-art office and laboratory building, Lab 6, was completed in Delft, the Netherlands. Not only was Deerns responsible for the design and procurement of the MEP systems, we also worked closely with the building users to design the layout and interior of the laboratory. Lab 6 went into operation in October 2016.

Reason for the new building

The new research centre in Delft was built because the existing Beijerinck lab (Lab 5), constructed in 1984, no longer met the current legal and regulatory requirements. One of the requirements is that, in places where genetically modifiable organisms are used, laboratory areas must be physically separated from office areas.

Integration of multiple functions

The multifunctional building covers 13,425 square meters and is home to offices and conference centres as well as biotechnology laboratories (category ML1 or higher). The laboratory building is compact and well organised; each floor houses a different discipline and office and laboratory spaces are separated by an efficiently designed lock. The systems have a compact and flexible design so that office space can be converted into laboratory space, if necessary. It was also important that the facility had an excellent WiFi connection and a good climate control system. The research centre will be the new standard-bearer at DSM's biotechnology campus in Delft.

23 novembre 2016

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