The eagle has landed: the new Ashgabat International Airport

On 17 September 2016, Turkmenistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the opening of the new Ashgabat International Airport. The eagle has literally landed: the Terminal itself represent the eagle. Turkmenistan appreciates symbolism: an aerial look of the airport area reveals the entire area is inspired by Turkmenistan national symbols, it is riddled with symbolic references. 

Deerns played an essential part in its conception. Our contribution includes review and redesign of the utility master plan, design of special operational systems, telecommunications, security systems, apron systems and navigational aids.

Passengers and customers will receive an excellent experience. Each process passengers pass through are driven by staff and technology. We have designed the technologic aspects. Security, Border Control, everything is connected to a single telecommunications infrastructure. Which allows a quick response and easy maintenance.

While Turkmenistan sits on vast amounts of fossil energy, the airport is committed to become a role model in environmental stewardship. Deerns design teams have taken into account future development of the airport. By doing so we were able to limit future capital expenditures. The comprehensive utility master plan includes special zones designated to ensure easy expansion in the future. Where possible, both in land-use and systems/infrastructure the team opted to keep the existing infrastructure as much as possible rather than investing in new.

We are happy to have been a part of this extraordinary project. The Airport is truly a landmark and is ready to welcome the 2017 ASIA games.

22 septembre 2016

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