The world’s first WELL hotel to arise in Utrecht

The construction of a healthy and sustainable hotel immediately adjacent to the Leidsche Rijn train station in Utrecht will start this summer. In addition to a LEED certificate for sustainability, the hotel, designed by OZ Architects, will also receive a WELL certificate. This will make the hotel in Utrecht the first hotel in the world to acquire such a certificate. Deerns is responsible for both the LEED and WELL certifications and for the design of all systems (including the facade maintenance systems), building physics, fire safety and acoustics.

Personal well-being

The new hotel which is part of the Mariott hotel chain is to be the world’s first WELL-certified hotel. WELL is focusing on the well-being of users and, from there, on health, in addition to sustainability. In addition to WELL, which focuses mainly on the climate, light, air and the building’s interior, the hotel will be certified according to LEED, which focuses more on the sustainability of a building. This will provide the municipality of Utrecht with an extremely sustainable hotel. Aloft Utrecht is expecting to open its doors to guests in 2020; construction will commence this summer.


The hotel, which is being developed by Being Development, will receive an entrance on the corner of Brusselplein where the building has a rounded facade. Stairs along the plinth will compensate the difference in height at the location. In addition to the 224 hotel rooms, the building will have various public functions, mainly in the plinth. The hotel has been leased long-term by Odyssey Hotel Group, an internationally active hotel management company, which will operate Aloft Utrecht. To this end, Odyssey Hotel Group has concluded a franchise agreement with Marriott International, the owner of Aloft.

WELL and Deerns

Deerns now has ample experience in designing WELL buildings. The firm is currently working on projects such as the new building of ASICS and Danone in Hoofddorp.

3 mai 2018

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