World Green Building Week with Deerns

The “Maison de l’Île de France” is a zero energy building accommodating over 140 student rooms and designed with an energy strategy covering all the building’s uses, including those beyond regulation requirements.  

A conference followed by a site visit on 26 September in Paris aims to celebrate World Green Building Week with an exemplary project. This project involved extensive collaboration between Deerns (MEP / Sustainability) and the architect (ANMA) and produced innovative solutions applied on a scale never seen before in France (inter-seasonal heat exchange through 2 giant tanks of 160,000 litres).

Commissioned by the Parisian region (Région Ile de France) and based in the international University Campus of Paris (CIUP), the “Maison de l’île de France” will be presented in terms of its technical features and in terms of the environmental strategy, which aimed to take into account the needs of the final users and to positively influence their behaviour. This will be an opportunity to learn about the project as well as the latest trends and stakes of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and the sustainability priorities of public authorities (Région Île de France).

For more information or to register, please contact Ana Cunha Cribellier, Head of Real Estate of Deerns France.

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23 septembre 2016

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